"My kids don't want my stuff." "I wish I had known you were here before I moved and donated all of my stuff to..."

We hear these statements at least once a week, and others like them. In response to meeting the needs of those who have household estates to settle, we have put together a team to handle estate sales.

during estate sale

During Estate Sale

after estate sale

After Estate Sale

Estate Sale Process

  • Initial consultation at the home where the sale will take place

  • Preparation for the sale — time to price, tag, and display items, as well as advertise the sale

  • Clean up and removal of leftover items, and reconciliation of sale proceeds

Available Services

  • Liquidating an estate
  • Downsizing/moving sale
  • Buyout of full or partial estates
  • Clean out of full or partial estates

We understand that transitions can be stressful and emotional. We work hard to make the process of settling an estate as smooth as possible.